About Us

Enegix Consultancy Pvt Ltd was established and registered in 2019 according to the Companies Act Chapter 24:01.

Why Us?

What excels an organization contrary to popular belief is not its history, size nor the deals that it has facilitated but its position, knowledge; understanding and service.

Most of it emanates from how we treat you our client from the moment you walk in the door.

As an emerging advisory company, Enegix Consultancy Pvt Ltd is small enough to remain agile dynamic and capable of adapting to every clients’ needs while large enough to compete with some of the large organizations in Zimbabwe.

Our concept of growth is rooted firmly in the notion that it is our expertise in corporate advisory and speed of delivery that sets us apart never our size.

The benchmark of our success lies in our attention to detail, our dedication to every single client big or small and our commitment to ensuring we deliver timeously on all our undertakings and promises.

Here at Enegix Consultancy Pvt Ltd our clients’ needs are seen as personal challenges while our clients business is treated as though it were our own.

Our Mission

We aspire to be the leading diversified financial accounting and tax
consultancy services provider in Zimbabwe who offer professional services
without any discrimination to both private individuals, Small to Medium
Enterprises (SMES) corporate organizations and start-up entrepreneurs in
accordance with the finest ethics of professionalism and confidentiality.

Our Core Values

Transparency. Integrity. Honesty. Efficiency.

These are the values upon which this company was founded. These values set the tone for a more professional, accountable and efficient practice enabling better focus on results and customer satisfaction.

Ethics & Social Responsibility.

Our company is not just focusing on the corporate ethics but we are
concerned with the social welfare of the society within which we work. 

Such social ethics bind us to be more responsible corporate citizens and try to be a reflection of the good within the whole community, hence our company at times plays a crucial role in providing after sales services to both clients and would be clients and social organizations.

Our Culture

1. Our clients are treated as FAMILY!

It is our belief that from the moment a client walks through the door it is our mandate and duty to give him the best of our expertise In so doing we also make it a point to know our clients because it is through comprehending where they have come from and where their vision lies that we are able to provide the best financial advisory services possible.

2. We provide uncomplicated good advice

The accounting and tax services industry in itself is complicated enough without making it even more obscure It serves very little if any purpose for a client to come out of a meeting wondering what just hit them. We at ENEGIX CONSULTANCY PVT LTD ensure that our clients understand everything we do and that they are happy with the manner in which we execute their execute our tasks at hand, In this way we are able to create the currency that makes us the truly great advisory company what they are: Trust.

3. We Produce Results

We at ENEGIX CONSULTANCY PVT LTD are result oriented and as such we exercise a standard of excellence in the work that we do. We put in as much effort and skill as it takes to meet our clients’ expectation at the earliest convenient time. True to our culture of service we ensure that our clients are updated regularly as to the progress of their work.

4. Our clients ALWAYS receive fair value

For us success is not about how much we charge a client but about the value we deliver. Our services are designed to make a success of every client’s needs but we believe that it goes further than providing the best financial advisory and tax accounting services. It means we are proactive in our approach and therefore willing to go the extra mile and provide a perfect match for what’s offered. With a foundation built on longstanding relationships with our clients, we offer personalized service and accessibility, attention to detail and consistency favourable outcomes.

Feel free to get in touch with us for any tax consultancy related issues.